Punjab Provincial Assembly Jobs 2024 Last Date to Apply

The Punjab Provincial Assembly Jobs has recently announced job vacancies for the year 2024. Interested candidates can download the application form and job advertisement from the official website www.pap.gov.pk. The deadline to submit applications is the 15th of January 2024. The assembly is welcoming applications from eligible candidates who are domiciled in Punjab for various positions including proofreader, Security Constable, Driver, Telephone Attendant, Naib Qasid, Chowkidar, Farash, and Sanitary Worker. Government employees can apply through official channels, while other candidates can enjoy a five-year age relaxation. To apply for these positions, candidates are required to visit the mentioned website and follow the application process.

Provincial Assembly Punjab Jobs Details 2024

Title Provincial Assembly Jobs 2024
Posted On 26rd December 2023
Qualification Matric, Literate, Higher Secondary School Examination
Deadline January 15th, 2024
Province Punjab
Application Form Download

Www pap gov pk Job application form

The Job Application Form on the official website of the Punjab Assembly (www.pap.gov.pk) marks the beginning of a journey towards potential employment. This digital platform not only enhances accessibility and efficiency in the job application process but also represents the fusion of modern technology and career aspirations. By filling out the online form, applicants are not merely providing information; they are presenting their professional ambitions to the vast realm of the internet, where opportunities await based on merit.

The Job Application Form on www.pap.gov.pk symbolizes the changing landscape of recruitment, where a simple click of a button can open doors to possibilities and connect individuals with the chance to contribute to the public sector. Its digital simplicity holds the promise of a dynamic future, where talent knows no geographical boundaries, and the pursuit of career goals resonates within the virtual corridors of progress.

Punjab Provincial Assembly Jobs 2024 Last Date to Apply

Punjab Provincial Assembly Jobs

Punjab Provincial Assembly Jobs 2024 Online Apply

The introduction of Punjab Provincial Assembly Jobs 2024, along with the convenience of online application, marks the beginning of a new era of accessible career opportunities in the heart of governance. This digital platform not only demonstrates the province’s commitment to embracing technological advancements, but also represents an inclusive approach to recruitment. Prospective candidates can now easily navigate the application process with just a few clicks, breaking down traditional barriers and ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds can actively participate in shaping the legislative landscape.

The online application feature transforms the job search into a digital journey, where a few keystrokes can open doors to potential service within the esteemed halls of the Punjab Provincial Assembly. It embodies the fusion of modernity and governance, inviting individuals to apply seamlessly and become integral contributors to the legislative fabric of Punjab.


Diverse Positions Available:

The advertisement by PPSC provides details about numerous positions available in different departments and sections of the Assembly Secretariat. These positions encompass highly sought-after roles such as:

1. Research Officers: These individuals are responsible for analyzing legislative matters and offering research assistance to Assembly members.

2. Committee Assistants: Their role involves aiding Assembly committees in arranging meetings, preparing reports, and conducting research.

3. Secretarial Staff: This group provides administrative and logistical support to Assembly members and staff.

4. Technical Staff: These professionals possess specialized knowledge in IT, law, and finance, and contribute their expertise to the Assembly Secretariat.

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Eligibility Criteria of Punjab Provincial Assembly Jobs 2024


In order to be considered for positions at the Provincial Assembly of Punjab (PAP), candidates are required to have a Matric, Literate, Intermediate, or equivalent qualification.

  • Security Constable:

For male candidates:

Minimum Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Chest: 33-34.5 inches
1.6km running in 7 minutes

  • For female candidates:

Minimum Height: 5 feet 2 inches
1.6km running in 10 minutes

  • Driver:

Applicants must possess a valid LTV License.

  • Experience:

Preference will be given to applicants who have relevant field experience for the Provincial Assembly Punjab (PAP) Recruitment 2024.

  • Recruitment Process:

The Provincial Assembly Punjab (PAP) reserves the right to terminate the recruitment process at any stage.

  • Age:

The age limit varies for different roles, ranging from 18 to 40 years.

  • Details:

For further information, please refer to the PAP Jobs advertisement provided below.

  • Name of Vacancies:

Provincial Assembly Punjab PAP Jobs 2024 Last Date to Apply

The final date for submitting applications for the Provincial Assembly Punjab PAP Jobs 2024 is January 15, 2024.

Application Process:

Prospective applicants have the opportunity to acquire the application form and prospectus from the official website of the PPSC (www.pap.gov.pk). To proceed with the application process, a fee of PKR 500 is required, which can be paid at designated bank branches. It is essential to submit the completed application along with all the required documents to the PPSC headquarters in Lahore no later than the deadline of 15th January 2024.

How to Apply for Punjab Provincial Assembly Jobs ?

To apply for jobs in the Punjab Provincial Assembly, please follow the steps provided below:

1. Monitor Job Portals: Stay updated by regularly checking job portals and websites, including the official Punjab Provincial Assembly website at www.pap.gov.pk, for any updates on job vacancies and application processes.

2. Check Eligibility: Before applying for a specific job position, ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria. This may include educational qualifications, age limits, and other requirements.

3. Download the Application Form: Once you come across a suitable job posting, download the application form from the official website or job portal.

4. Fill out the Application Form: Provide accurate and complete information while filling out the application form. It is essential to review your entries carefully before submitting the form.

5. Submit the Application: Along with the completed application form, submit any necessary documents such as your resume, educational transcripts, and identity proof.

6. Application Deadline: Keep in mind the application deadline and make sure to submit your application form before the 15th of January 2024.

7. Monitor Your Application Status: After submitting your application, stay updated on its status. Respond promptly to any communication from the relevant authorities.

Remember to regularly check the official website and job portals for the latest information regarding job vacancies and application processes. We wish you the best of luck with your job application!

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Competitive Exams and Selection Process

Shortlisted applicants will need to undergo written examinations, followed by interviews administered by the PPSC. The selection procedure will prioritize merit, guaranteeing the appointment of the most skilled and capable individuals for these vital positions.

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