Institute of Engineering Science & Technology GIK Jobs 2024

This webpage contains information about the GIK Jobs opportunities available at the GIK Institute of Engineering Science & Technology in 2024. The notification was obtained from the Daily Jang newspaper on January 4th, 2024.

The GIK Institute, renowned as one of Pakistan’s top engineering institutes, is committed to fostering expertise in engineering, sciences, emerging technologies, and various other fields. It aims to act as a catalyst for driving positive change within the country.

Frequently referred to as the GIK Institute, it was founded in 1993 as a privately owned institution situated in the Swabi District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The institute consistently offers employment prospects to Pakistani citizens, providing attractive salary packages and an exceptional working environment.

Job Details

GIKI Jobs 2024 online apply

GIKI currently has multiple open positions available on their website. However, it is important to note that online applications for certain positions may have already closed.

Here is some information regarding GIKI jobs and online applications:

1. Available Jobs:
You can find a list of current job openings on the GIKI website under the “Careers” or “Job Vacancy” sections. These openings encompass a range of positions, including faculty roles, administrative staff, and research positions.

To access the job listings, you can visit the following links:
– Careers:
– Job Vacancy:

2. Applying Online:
The application process for each position may vary. Some positions may have an online application form directly on the GIKI website, while others may require the submission of CVs and cover letters via email. To ensure you follow the correct application procedure, please refer to the specific instructions provided in each job posting.

3. Closed Positions:
Please be aware that certain job postings may have already reached their deadlines. Consequently, online applications for these positions may no longer be accepted. To determine the closing date for each job posting, kindly refer to the information provided in the respective listing.

 Institute of Engineering Science & Technology GIK Jobs 2024

GIK Jobs 2024 jobs

Giki Lab Engineer positions can be found on the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI) website, specifically in the “Careers” or “Job Vacancy” sections. The requirements and responsibilities for these roles may differ based on the department or field of work. However, common duties and qualifications for Lab Engineer positions include setting up, operating, and maintaining laboratory equipment, conducting experiments, analyzing data, writing reports, and adhering to safety protocols.

A bachelor’s degree in science or engineering is typically required. The salary for Giki Lab Engineer jobs will vary depending on experience and qualifications, but it is generally competitive with other engineering positions in Pakistan.

GIKI Lecturer salary

Salary Ranges:

According to data from Glassdoor, the average monthly salary for a lecturer at GIKI in Pakistan is PKR 65,000. However, it is important to note that this figure represents an average and the actual salary range can differ significantly based on various factors. These factors include:

1. Experience: Lecturers who have more experience generally earn higher salaries compared to those with less experience.

2. Qualifications: Lecturers who hold PhDs or other advanced degrees typically earn higher salaries compared to those with master’s degrees.

3. Field of study: Salaries can vary depending on the specific field of study. For instance, lecturers in engineering may earn more than lecturers in humanities.

4. Negotiation: Your ability to negotiate can also impact your starting salary. Strong negotiation skills can potentially lead to a higher initial salary offer.

It is important to consider these factors when assessing salary ranges for lecturers at GIKI in Pakistan.

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Vacant Positions of GIK Jobs

  • Assistant Director
  • Assistant Professor
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer and Communication Officer
  • Director
  • Junior Teacher
  • Lab Engineer
  • Lecturer
  • Management Trainee
  • Network Administrator
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Website and Graphic Designer

How to Apply Online Institute of Engineering Science & Technology GIK Jobs 2024?

To apply for job opportunities at GIK Jobs Institute of Engineering Science & Technology in 2024, please follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of GIK Institute to access the list of available job opportunities.

2. Identify the specific position you are interested in applying for. The institute is currently hiring for a range of positions, including Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering, Lecturer, Director, Senior Software Developer, Network Administrator, Assistant Director, Website and Graphic Designer, Lab Engineer, Management Trainee, Junior Teacher, and Computer and Communication Officer.

3. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the position you wish to apply for. Most positions require a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field, although some may require a Master’s or Ph.D.

4. Prepare your application, which should include your resume, cover letter, and any other documents mentioned in the job advertisement.

5. Submit your application online through the GIK Institute’s website. Make sure to complete all the required fields and upload the necessary documents.

6. After submitting your application, you may receive a confirmation email or message. Keep this information for future reference.

7. Stay updated on the status of your application by regularly checking your email or contacting the institute’s HR department.

8. Please note that the eligibility criteria and application process may be subject to change. It is important to regularly visit the GIK Institute’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

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