IBA Karachi Admission 2024 Last Date and Fee Structure

The Institute of Business Administration has recently announced IBA Karachi Admission for the year 2024. As one of the leading academic institutions in Pakistan, IBA Karachi offers excellent opportunities for students interested in pursuing business studies. The admissions are open for a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs, including BBA, BBA (Entrepreneurship), BS, BS (CS), BS Economics and Mathematics, MBA, MBA Executive, MS, MS (CS), M Phil, and Ph.D.

IBA Karachi follows a strict merit-based admission policy, ensuring that candidates who meet the eligibility requirements for specific degree programs are offered admission. The institute holds a prominent position among business universities in Pakistan and is ranked highly by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Choosing the right institution for higher education is a crucial decision that lays the foundation for a successful career. With its rich history, academic excellence, and commitment to nurturing future leaders, IBA Karachi has established itself as a preferred choice for students seeking quality education in Pakistan.

IBA Karachi Admission 2024 Last Date

IBA – Institute of Business Administration
Activity BBA, BSACF, BSECO, BSSS – R-1
Online Forms Availability Monday, January 01, 2024
Form Submission Deadline Friday, February 9, 2024
Issuance of Admit Cards (to be emailed to all candidates) February 08 – 09, 2024

IBA Karachi Admission 2024 Last Date and Fee Structure

IBA Karachi Admission 2023

IBA Karachi Admission Fee Structure 2024:

The fee structure of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) is carefully determined and approved by the Board of Directors. Both the main campus and city campus follow the same fee structure for programs such as BBA, MBA, PGDM, BSC, and others. However, it is important to note that the fee structure may vary for different degree programs offered by IBA.

 Degree Programs Fee Structure
BBA Rs. 260,000.00/- Total Recurring Charges
MBA Rs. 260,000.00/- Total Recurring Charges
BS Accounting & Finance Rs. 260,000.00/- Total Recurring Charges
BSCS Rs. 218,200.00/- Total Recurring Charges
BS Math, BS Economics Rs. 218,200.00/- Total Recurring Charges
MS Economics Rs. 133,500.00/- Total Recurring Charges
MS Mathematics Rs. 133,500.00/- Total Recurring Charges
MS Computer Science Rs. 133,500.00/- Total Recurring Charges

In the event that a candidate is offered admission to IBA but faces financial constraints, there is an opportunity to apply for financial assistance or merit-based scholarships. These forms of support are awarded after the approval of the competent authority, allowing deserving students to pursue their education at IBA without being burdened by excessive financial expenses.

Overview of IBA Karachi Admission

Established in 1955, IBA Karachi has a proud legacy of providing world-class education to generations of students. Known for its rigorous academic standards and innovative teaching methods, IBA Karachi has gained recognition both nationally and internationally. The institution offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines.

IBA Karachi Admission Process

The admission process for IBA Karachi in 2024 is designed to select candidates who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a passion for learning. To be eligible for admission, candidates must meet specified criteria, including minimum academic qualifications, entrance test scores, and interviews. It is important to carefully review the admission requirements and deadlines to ensure a smooth application process.

To apply for admission, prospective students need to follow a series of steps, which typically include:

  1. Online Application: Submitting an online application form with all the necessary details and supporting documents.
  2. Entrance Test: Appearing for the IBA Aptitude Test, which assesses analytical and quantitative skills.
  3. Interviews: Qualified candidates are invited for interviews to evaluate their suitability for the program.
  4. Final Selection: Based on the overall performance, candidates are selected for admission to their desired programs.

Staying updated with the admission schedule and ensuring timely submission of applications and required documents are essential.

Check Online: IBA Admission 

Academic Programs of IBA Karachi Admission

IBA Karachi offers a wide range of academic programs catering to diverse interests and career aspirations. Whether you are interested in business administration, computer science, social sciences, or any other field, IBA Karachi provides programs designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry. The institution offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, allowing students to pursue their educational goals at various levels.

Faculty and Facilities

At IBA Karachi, learning is facilitated by a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. The institution is committed to maintaining a faculty-student ratio that ensures personalized attention and mentorship opportunities. Additionally, IBA Karachi boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, libraries, computer labs, and collaborative spaces, creating an environment conducive to academic growth and innovation.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

IBA Karachi understands the financial challenges faced by many students and is dedicated to providing opportunities for deserving individuals. The institution offers various scholarships and financial aid options to assist students in pursuing their education. These scholarships are awarded based on merit, need, or a combination of both. Prospective students are encouraged to explore the available scholarships and apply for financial assistance accordingly.

IBA Entry Test Last Date 2024:

IBA administers aptitude entry tests as part of the admission process and announces the deadlines for conducting these tests for various degree programs. Candidates are required to successfully qualify the SAT-I aptitude test for admission into the BBA program, while both SAT-I and SAT-II tests are mandatory for admission into the BS-level degree program. Those interested in pursuing an MBA or MBA Executive program need to pass the GMAT test. Similarly, candidates applying for MS and PhD programs are required to take the GRE general and specialization tests.

To help candidates prepare for these aptitude tests, IBA provides the option to download previous entry test papers.  This resource will assist you in familiarizing yourself with the test format and enhancing your preparation for a successful admission to IBA.

IBA Karachi Merit List 2024

All interested candidates can download the online admission form, fee structure and advertisement from this page easily given below. The entry test merit lists and waiting lists are displayed simultaneously in premises of Institute Of Business Administration Karachi.


Q: What are the minimum academic qualifications required for admission?

A: The minimum academic qualifications vary based on the program. It is recommended to review the specific requirements for each program on the official IBA Karachi website.

Q: Is there an entrance test for admission to IBA Karachi?

A: Yes, IBA Karachi conducts an aptitude test to assess the analytical and quantitative skills of applicants.

Q: Are there any scholarships available for students?

A: Yes, IBA Karachi offers scholarships and financial aid to deserving students based on various criteria. Details can be found on the official IBA Karachi website.

Q: Can international students apply for admission to IBA Karachi?

A: Yes, IBA Karachi welcomes applications from international students. Additional requirements and procedures may apply.

Q: Does IBA Karachi provide career counseling services?

A: Yes, IBA Karachi offers career counseling services to help students make informed decisions regarding their career paths.


Choosing the right institution for higher education is a pivotal step towards a successful future. IBA Karachi, with its rich legacy, distinguished faculty, diverse academic programs, and commitment to excellence, provides an ideal platform for students to embark on their academic journey. By following the admission process diligently and exploring the various opportunities available at IBA Karachi, prospective students can lay a solid foundation for their careers and personal growth.

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