GCC Medical Slip 2023 GAMCA Slip Download Online

GCC Medical Slip 2023 GAMCA Slip Download this document. In Gulf countries, the GCC medical card is essential for job or job. Foreigners can get work across all Gulf countries regardless of nationality. Immigrants from Pakistan can find jobs in a variety of sectors within the Middle East. As a type of health certificate that is issued by this GCC medical certificate is provided through GAMCA, the Gulf Cooperation Council. GAMCA is the sole authority in the Gulf nations to oversee the process of emigration. You can also get the GCCCHMC medical reports here.

Are you looking at a GCC Medical Slip 2023 Do you want to know where to obtain it? What is the Purpose of GCC Medical Slip 2023? If you’re seeking answers to these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the complete information about GAMCA Slip. GCC Medical Slip is a mandatory requirement for employment in Gulf Countries.

Gamca GCCHME Medical Slip Report Online

You could receive GCC medical slips from various locations that fall under the control of the relevant authority. Gulf nations’ labour laws are based on the requirement that employees provide the evidence of their physical condition. As a health certificate, it’s the GCC health slips issued by the Gulf Cooperation Council

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GCC Medical Slip 2023 GAMCA Slip Download this page. In Gulf countries, the necessity for GCC medical certificates to be employed and for work. Foreign workers can work in all Gulf countries, regardless of nationality. GAMCA serves as the sole institution within the Gulf nations to oversee the process of the emigration process. What do I need to do to obtain my GCC slip online? Gulf countries have labor laws that require employees to prove their health.

GCC Medical Report Online

The medical report will include the bio details of your date of birth, the date of birth, your physical measurement, and country. On the bottom of the GCC medical record, the patient can check your fitness or unfit. In Pakistan there are several test centers to obtain GCC medical reports. Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, And Gujranwala.

GCCHME Online Registration

GCCHME is an authority central to issue medical fitness certificates and medical fitness slips. The citizens of Pakistan can register online on gamcapk.wixsite.com. It’s easy to fill in the application forms GCCHME online. Select the city for the medical test and the country of travel. first name, birth date passport number Visa type the last name, the passport issue date, nationality and the date of expiration for your passport.

GCC Medical Slip 2023 GAMCA Slip Download Online

GCC Medical Slip

GCC Medical Slip Online Review 2023

Labor Market Regulation Authority(LMRA) located in Bahrain Provides online review to look over the records of an expat who has taken the medical examination. The Labor Market Regulation Authority(LMRA) located in Bahrain gives online access to examine the report of an expat who has taken the medical exam. This can be used by any employer, sponsor or an expatriate on behalf of himself.

How do I verify my GCCHME medical information on the Gulf health council?

  1. In addition, you can search by using only your Passport Number as well as the country of Residence.
  2. To obtain a medical report online, enter the Barcode fire and then click “Check Status.
  3. To qualify as Fit, it is necessary to be able to meet all the GAMCA GCCHME medical requirements

GCC Medical Slip 2023 Download

How to get GCC Medical Slip 2023? If you’re interested in obtaining the Gulf Cooperation Council Medical Slip 2023, then you must visit this site. Gulf Health Council Official Website. If you want to make a nomination request for a work permit, you have to travel to GCC via the website. Additionally, you can find out more requirements and the details that you need to check with the prospective Embassy.

How to Check GCCHMC Medical on Gulf Health Council?

This article will outline how to apply for an GCCHMC Medical Slip-on Gulf Health Council. To make it easier for you I’ve provided the complete step-by-step instructions which anyone can follow. these. You don’t have to take any additional steps to obtain GCCHMC Medical Slip-on Gulf Health Council. Let’s get started on the process of obtaining the GCCHMC Medical Slip-on Gulf Health Council!

Guidelines to Check GCCHMC Medical Slip

If you’re interested in learning more information about Gulf Cooperation Council Medical Slip 2023 Download, then go through the whole article. Don’t spend more time on doing so; let’s get started on the GCC Medical Slip 2023!

 1. Visit the official website for Gulf Health Council (link below). Gulf Health Council (Link mentioned below).

2. Enter the GCC Slip No/ Valid Passport Number.

3. Select the country of origin (Country Name).

4. Enter Barcode fire and then click “Submit.

GCC Medical Slip 2023 GAMCA Slip Download

The certificate you require will be provided to you. GCC Medical certificates are able to be saved and printed in PDF format for future use. The medical certificate is required by people who are from the GCC who are planning to work outside of the region. Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, and Gujranwala are the major GCC medical report testing centers in Pakistan.

GAMCA Contact Info:

  • Address: Diplomatic Quarter – opposite the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
  • ZIP code: 11462
  • PO Box: 7431
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: www.gcchmc.org


How do I get a GCC slip?
The candidates can sign on to the GAMCA website and create their own medical certificate to be used for their medical check-up through online payment. Alternatively, they can use our services that can be arranged up in 1300 points.

How to check GCC medical report online?    

Medical Report Check Online in India by using a the number on your passport

  1. Visit our Wafid website.
  2. Enter your passport number as well as the country of your citizenship.
  3. Enter the captcha correctly.
  4. Click on the ‘Check’ button, then you’ll be able to see the state of your medical test report online.
How long is GCC medical slip valid?   
When you register, you’ll be issued the GCC Medical Test Registration Slip which is valid for 30 days as of the moment.
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