Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result 2023 Check Online

The results of the Entry Test from Cadet Colleges. All Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result 2023 are available on this webpage. For your college’s admission test result online, enter your name or roll number, or while sitting at home. Stay connected to our site if you would like to know your score right away. You will find here the latest information about the exam. To help students, we will change direct links on this page so that you can get your results quickly. Click on your appropriate College link. Then, as soon as Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result 2023.

It is the Cadet Colleges Entry Test is an examination conducted by colleges for cadets to determine students to be admitted. It is designed in order to evaluate the student’s knowledge of various disciplines, including English, Mathematics, and Urdu along with General Knowledge.

Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result 2022 Merit List

Pakistan Cadet Colleges are renowned institutions that are designed to help young men prepare to be able to join the military. Each year, these institutions offer an entrance test to students who want to enroll at these institutions. The test is an arduous evaluation on the applicant’s academic skills as well as physical fitness and overall readiness for an employment in the military. Its results from the test are highly anticipated by parents, students as well as the colleges themselves.

Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result 2023 8th Class

Cadet Colleges Admission Test Results will be published on Colleges official websites. If the official website does not be available due to the volume of traffic, applicants can access their test results through the Jobsking website. Jobsking. pk. This is why it is highly recommended to contact us for information about Cadet Colleges/Military Colleges Entry Test Results details.

Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result 2023 Check Online

Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result

Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result 2023 will be publicized

The entry test for Cadet Colleges in 2023 is scheduled to take place on August 20, 2023. Following taking the exam, the outcome will be announced within a couple of weeks. The exact date for results announcement isn’t yet established however, it is anticipated to be announced in September 2023.

How  to check the results of my Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result 2023?

The Cadet Colleges Admission Exam Result 2023 is accessible on the official site of the cadet school that you applied for. You may also access the results using the SMS service offered by your college. To verify the results via SMS, you’ll have be able to text containing your Roll number and the phone number supplied by your college.

Requirements for Passing Test for Cadet Colleges Entry Test

The criteria for passing The criteria for passing the Cadet Colleges Entry Test vary between colleges. In general, applicants must get at minimum 50% to take the test. Some colleges might require a higher percentage of passing.

It happens after I have passed my Cadet Colleges Entry Test

Once you have passed your Cadet Colleges Entry Test, you’ll be scheduled to an interview. The test is designed to evaluate your personality, communications skills, and general suitability to be admitted to the Cadet College. If you are successful in the test then you’ll be given an admission into the institution.

Understanding the Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result 2023

The Cadet Colleges Entry Test is an standardized test given to all applicants who are seeking admission into cadet colleges in Pakistan. It is intended to assess the student’s academic skills aptitude, reasoning abilities, as well as general knowledge. The test consists of multiple-choice tests in areas like English, Mathematics, Urdu, General Knowledge, and Islamiyat.

Exam Pattern of Cadet College  Entry Test

The pattern of The Cadet Colleges Entry Test may differ depending on the institution however, it is generally comprised of 200 multiple-choice tests, which are timed to 3 hours. The test is split into sections as follows:

  • English (50 marks)
  • Math’s (50 marks)
  • Urdu (40 marks)
  • General Knowledge (40 marks)
  • Islamiyat (20 marks)

Scoring and Grading

Test scores are scored from 200 questions, with each one being given one point. There are no negative marks for incorrect answers. The system of grading for The Cadet Colleges Entry Test is as the following:

    • A+ (90-100%)
    • A (80-89%)
    • B (70-79%)
    • C (60-69%)
    • D (50-59%)
    • E (Below 50%)

Cadet College After the Result

If you’ve passed your Cadet Colleges Entry Test, Congratulations! You’ll then need be present for an interview and a medical exam before being selected for the final exam. If you don’t pass the exam, don’t become disappointed. It is possible to take it over again the following year or look into alternative options for your education.

Tips for Preparing for the Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result

Making preparations to take taking the Cadet Colleges Entry Test requires determination and dedication. Here are some suggestions to help you succeed on the test:

      • Try solving the papers from previous years.
      • Enhance your comprehension and reading abilities
      • Make sure you are familiar with math concepts
      • Stay informed about the latest developments
      • Develop your time-management abilities

Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result 2023 1st Year

Therefore, there is no reason to be wasting time looking for of results. The merit lists for entry tests as well as waiting lists for the test are available in the same place at the entrances of Cadet Colleges. The Cadet Colleges teach students in the young age group to create Cadets that not only excel in their knowledge, but also are examples of conduct that is disciplined, manners and patriotism, brimming with self-confidence and leadership.

Cadet Colleges Written Test Result

Announcement of Pakistan Cadet Colleges Entry Test Result is an important moment for families of students. It’s a time of immense excitement and anxiety while students wait to learn whether they’ve been chosen for admission into any of the Cadet schools or not. It is also important for the colleges in that they will be able to decide on their admission process accordingly.

Cadet College Entry Test 


How much percentage is required for cadet college?
Have passed class VII with at least 45 percent marks. You must not be married (contracting marriage during the course is not permitted). Candidates who have appeared or appearing in Class VII annual examinations and are awaiting the results will be accepted as provisionally.

What should I do if I do not pass the Cadet Colleges Entry Test?

If you fail this Cadet Colleges Entry Test, do not be discouraged. You can take it over again next year, or look into different options to further your education.

When will the Cadet Colleges Entry Test 2023 be held?

This Cadet Colleges Entry Test 2023 is scheduled to take place in June or May.


The Cadet Colleges Entrance Exam Result 2023 is a significant event for students who want to make a career of the militaria they are aware of the test’s pattern along with the scoring system, as well as the results announcement dates, students can prepare for the test and improve their chances of passing. Through hard work and commitment everyone is able to pass the test and be accepted into the cadet school.

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